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The studio made&archi created in 2019 is specialized in 360° virtual experiences..

Boldness is reinvented with each service. Our studio never ceases to affirm its passion and commitment to creating exceptional immersive experiences. 

Our immersive and interactive experiences are realized through the complementarity of 4 skills a photographer, an art director, a UX designer and a developer.

We place innovation at the center of our expertise in order to respond to various ecological and social issues:

  • Develop the virtualization of commercial infrastructures to reduce the number of physical installations and enhance the projection and purchasing process on the web;
  • Enabling people with disabilities to have access access to commercial, cultural, architectural or historical infrastructures with the implementation of technologies during our virtual experiences.


An immersive and interactive tour is an experience that allows users to explore and interact with a virtual environment in a realistic and engaging way. It uses technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality or interactive media to provide an immersive representation of a real or virtual place. 



3D modeling is a process for creating virtual objects or environments. It offers significant advantages in terms of realistic visualization, accuracy, customization, presentation and reusability. It has become an essential tool in many fields to improve design, communication and process efficiency.





The virtual experience allows hotels to present their rooms and facilities in an immersive way. It facilitates the selection process for guests, promotes the property online, increases bookings and provides an enhanced guest experience from the first contact with the hotel.

-Immersive presentation : by exploring the different parts of the hotel, such as rooms, common areas, restaurants, pools, conference rooms, etc., it is possible to create an immersive presentation.

-Facilitated selection selection by helping guests make more informed decisions when booking a hotel room. This reduces uncertainty and increases customer confidence in their choice.

-Online promotion by standing out from the competition and offering an interactive and engaging experience to potential customers. Virtual tours can be integrated on the hotel's website, online booking platforms, social networks, etc.

-Increased bookings by positively impacting the conversion rate and bookings. By providing an immersive experience and showing the hotel's assets in a compelling way, virtual tours can encourage guests to book directly rather than looking for other options.

Enhanced guest experience by allowing gests to visualize the hotel's facilities before they even arrive, creating a positive customer experience from the start. Guests can familiarize themselves with the environment and feel more comfortable and confident during their stay at the hotel

We create virtual tours for cities, regions and towns to promote their cultural, architectural and historical heritage. 

Indeed, the virtual experience offers many advantages in the tourism sector such as 

Immersive promotion of destinations of destinations through a realistic and attractive overview of what they can expect during their visit.

Inspiration and travel planning by facilitating travelers in their travel planning process. They can virtually explore different destinations, visualize places of interest and evaluate available activities. 

Accessibility for all by providing the ability to virtually explore inaccessible or remote locations, offering a virtual travel opportunity for all.

Increased traveler confidence by reducing uncertainty and increasing traveler confidence in their choices. 

Pre-visit experience by familiarizing themselves with destinations before physically visiting them. This can make their travel experience more rewarding, as they already have prior knowledge of the locations and can better plan their itinerary based on their interests.


Our virtual experiences bring heritage and culture to light.

Virtual experiences offer many advantages in the field of culture such as :

- Global accessibility: allowing the whole world as well as people with disabilities to access cultural and heritage sites without having to physically travel. 

- Preservation of heritage : by contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage by offering detailed and immersive digital documentation of sites. 

- Interactive experience : by offering an interactive and engaging experience to visitors. They can explore cultural sites at their own pace, zoom in on specific details, access additional information and interact with the content provided.

- Educational enrichment : by being a valuable resource for education. Students and researchers can access accurate and in-depth information about cultural sites, artworks, historical events, etc. This opens up new opportunities for learning and research.

- Promoting cultural tourism : by generating interest in cultural tourism among travelers. They can encourage visitors to physically visit the sites and have a real experience by showing historical sites, museums, exhibitions and cultural events in an immersive way.

- Access to collections and special exhibits : by allowing visitors to access collections and special exhibits in museums and galleries, even if they cannot visit in person. 

Virtual experiences have many benefits in the real estate industry :

Immersive real estate presentation by allowing customers to visit real estate properties in an immersive and realistic way, even from a distance.

Saves time and resources resources by reducing the number of repeated physical visits. This saves time and optimizes resources for clients and real estate agents.

Expands reach by allowing properties to reach a wider audience. Potential clients can explore properties far from their current geographic location without having to travel.

Customer engagement by giving customers full control over their viewing experience. This increases customer engagement and confidence in their decision making.

Market differentiation by helping real estate agents stand out from the competition by offering an immersive and innovative experience.

Preservation of memories by allowing customers to revisit properties at any time. This is useful when clients want to compare multiple properties or review specific details before making a final decision.



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